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Introduction to eNArch

What started as an innovative architecture company in Bulgaria, quickly developed to the idea of an internationally-based architecture and 3D design studio company, delivering both local and foreign outsourced projects.

Is there really any difference between eNArch and others? Yes, the one thing of great importance in our professional efforts, and what really sets eNArch apart from its competitors, is the fantastic individuals behind the scenes. Our team consists of young, highly-educated and specialized, dynamic and creative professionals from diverse multicultural backgrounds, that form that special blend of cohesiveness, challenging to match.


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What We Do Best

We create architecture that is inspired by its surroundings. We use light, nature and infrastructure around to maximize the potential and reinforce the stunning beauty of our design, envisioned to blend in and last.

Simplicity in the curved lines, extravagance of the shapes, colorful vividness, attractive design, functionality in the use of space, ease of access, natural comfort, inspiring ambiance, balanced environment, innovative solutions, and privacy is what we have in mind while we create architecture and 3D design models for our customers.

Our focus is rapid, time and cost-reducing sustainable digital architecture beautifully conceptualized and reliably delivered.


Executive Team

Team Viktor Doychinov Architect and Creative Director

Viktor Doychinov

Architect & Creative Director
Team Phillip Dobrev Business Development

Phillip Dobrev

Business Development
Team Julia Shishkina Marketing

Julia Shishkina

Team Irina Laleva Architect and Creative Designer

Irina Laleva

Architect & Creative Designer

Years Repeated Success


Digital Projects


Low-poly Models


Millions Projects Worth




To start with, our incredible team. Our team is international, dynamic, uses with ease global practices and integrates proven 21st century processes. We combine creativity and design with administrative structure and solid procedures.

We are strong believers that sustainability is the future and is something that hasn’t been well regarded in the recent years. Architecture is meant to serve people, but it is also an integral part of nature – there to stay for long periods of time, therefore we stand behind the conviction that it could be designed in such a way, to reduce environmental impact and contribute to a better future. team is here to deliver the architecture and design that you require, while providing full support and guidance throughout the whole project. We have created a guideline, for your ease of orientation, with the major steps and procedures that need to be considered. Click here and review the details!

Why Choose Us

We strive for excellence in both design and delivery. Our focus is clear, our processes established, our team dedicated, our mission well-elaborated. Our emphasis is on:
  • Innovative, creative, passionate, simplistic and functional architecture.
  • Information that builds the model, provided in digital formats for ease of envisioning, planning, modification and information sharing.
  • Sustainable and eco-conscious architecture that is designed to last visually and environmentally.