| 21st Century Digital Architecture

21st Century Digital Architecture

Our strategy is aligned with EU general policies and directives within the architecture industry. Starting 2016, most public projects in the developed economies, such as England, will be demanded and delivered in fully digital BIM format. We, at eNArch, aim to provide modern digital architecture and design services to fully satisfy the arising needs of our clients and follow industry trends. This contributes to achieving better information transfer, while minimizing the risk of process or finance related complications at a later stage. Accurate Building Models

Accurate Building Models

We seek accuracy and promptness of delivery of our architectural plans and fully developed 3D models, by ensuring meticulous research and conceptualization stages, where we gather as much detailed product information as possible, in order to provide our clients with an accurate building model, within the project scope and given time-frame. By asking and answering the right questions during the initial stage, we guarantee adequate and rapid customization according to the needs and desires expressed by the client, which saves time and effort. Eco conscious Architecture

Eco-conscious Architecture

Via the use of digital architecture tools and specialized software, the eNArch team is capable of maximizing time and resources (both in-house and clients’) while ensuring fast, effective, time and cost-saving, tailored according to the clients’ needs, fully customizable digital architecture, delivering more accurate and easy to envision design. Having mentioned the above stated, those are far from the only major benefits. Detailed 3D digital models speed the process of planning, while providing the opportunity to calculate materials and providers ahead of the construction stage, analyzing and modifying future risks, environmental impacts, and cost optimization.