Design Thinking in Architecture and 3D Design

Design thinking as a process or a style of approaching a matter has gained considerable attention with time. A multitude of organizations have adopted this new approach within contexts beyond the traditional preoccupations of designers. This is a more dynamic hands-on approach to architecture and 3D design, where prototyping and design exploration are conducted via the help of proactive thinking, actual testing and creativity that is driven by empathy. Creativity here is the generation of insights and design solutions, while empathy helps with the context of the problem that the architect needs to solve. After conducting his thorough analysis, the architect and 3D designer need to adopt a rational approach to fit solutions to the given context.

In order to understand and feel better the design needs of our customers, at, we consider prototyping as an attitude, a value of a kind. It is our commitment to creating honestly human-centred architecture that takes into consideration every aspect and detail of the end project and the user experience related to the targeted use of the building. It is not just about the validation of the initial plan, but rather about facilitating deeper interaction and understanding between the architect and 3D designer and the end customer.