Office: eNArch and Evergreen

Construction date: April 2013

Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

Surface area: 105 m2

Value: 48,000€



Apartment KB Sofia

01. Description

Located in a 6-storey building in a gated community with controlled access. It consists of an entrance hallway providing access to the following rooms: living room, kitchen, children's room, bathroom and bedroom. The master bedroom has a separate bathroom. Large balcony facing east is located next to the living room and the 2 bedrooms, making it accessible from all 3 rooms. In the living room there are three functional areas: kitchen, dining and sitting area with multimedia. The flooring in the hallway and the living room is tiled and the bedrooms are carpeted. The design is simple with little unobtrusive trim. Each room is painted in different colors in soft pastel shades. The ceilings are finished with simple white or tinted latex paint. In the living room, the ceiling is distributed in 2 levels, lower and more illuminated in the periphery, and higher and darker in the central zone. Lighting is complex and achieved by various types and features, achieving a selection of different options of illumination to suit the mood and the situation. Walls are finished in a variety of top coats (tinted latex paint, interior decorative plaster and wallpaper) which complement and diversify. The rooms are well lit by large windows along the entire eastern facade. For comfort, privacy and the possibility of damping natural light in the rooms, curtains are provided. The heating is with radiators fed by installed, and accessible from the terrace, gas boiler. For hot summer days, separate air conditioning is installed. There are all modern low voltage electrical outputs, together with outputs of high voltage positioned in accordance to the furniture. The furniture for the multimedia space, bedroom, hallway and kitchen are an individual project. The remaining parts of furniture and decorative items are carefully selected by the design team. In the bathrooms flooring and walls are tiled and ceilings suspended. Colorful decorative friezes underline the tiles and bathing area is separated by glass partitions.