eNArch 3D low-poly models creation

Low-poly illustrations, building models, furnishing and home appliances are becoming increasingly popular. What makes them so important?

With the development of mobile platforms, tablet and smartphone industries, virtual reality and augmented reality everything comes down to one important aspect – how to make full use of advanced graphical representation softwares and techniques to enrich applications, programs, video clips, animation, books, architecture, interior / exterior design, etc, while maintaining lightweight to not stress the tiny mobile micro-processors and video cards.

Development of low-poly models will be vastly implemented in most major industries. It is currently very sophisticated in the aero and auto high-level engineering, but is increasingly sought after in digital architecture and department stores.

At we believe that the value we provide by creating 3D low-poly models for our clients is beyond tangible. We guarantee them integration into the latest and greatest industry tendencies, future-ready marketing, availability to implement their products in rich visualization platforms where their products could not only be visualized in 3D, but also modified by exchanging fabric, colors and accessories. We also enhance the digital architecture and design representation by creating VR models of apartment, mix-use or industrial buildings, where space, colors, materials selection and furnishing details could be experienced personally during the conceptual phase, which will allow easy and rapid modifications that could be desired by the clients.