eNArch - Apple working on VR and AR technology

The Californian giant Apple is rumored to be investigating heavily in VR technology with integration in the camera hardware of the new iPhone for augmented reality. The company is investing in iOS integration of this technology and in the development of new devices that could take the VR experience to another level.

Apple has been applying for patents and exploring in depth the latest trends in AR and VR and it finally seems eager to enter the competition. Virtual reality and augmented reality seem to be the future of technological development for now and Apple is forcing their team to deliver market-ready product any time soon.

Apple hired a high-profile expert in AR from Microsoft and purchased a company called Metaio, that specializes in augmented reality and computer vision. Having followed Apple’s talent and company acquisition path, the prognosis is favorable and we should be able to see Curpentino’s very own VR and AR glasses soon. Software integration in future iOS updates and new hardware development promises a bright future for Apple’s devices.

The latest leaks also point out that the high-tech optical company Carl Zeiss is partnering with Apple in the development of hardware and functionality.

We are keen to observe the development of this technology for the team at is convinced that AR and VR could be keenly integrated in digital architecture and it will change the way people experience shapes, forms, colors, and materials. This will contribute to taking architecture and 3D design to the next level, where the end customer can actually experience first-hand the project development.